Real customer service software, anyone?

Sostenuto Customer Service Management Software (CSM)

Looking for Customer Help Desk Software that was not designed for IT Service Desks?

Why is it that Customer Service departments so often have to make compromises when it comes to the software they use to manage customer interactions?

Having to choose between solutions designed for call-centres and complex tools designed for IT service operations is not ideal. Trying to shoehorn ITIL® processes into your handling of customer calls can be a frustrating experience for you, not to mention a puzzling one for customers being told their ‘incident’ has been resolved.

With this in mind, Sunrise designed Sostenuto CSM - specifically designed for Customer Service departments for whom compromise is just not good enough.

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So what do you get with Sostenuto CSM?

  • Account information on demand, available to virtual customer service teams across your organisation
  • Ownership of queries throughout their life cycle
  • Intuitive query resolution
  • Automated customer notifications
  • Flexibility to suit your business requirements
  • Take the pain out of contract management
  • Comprehensive, easy reporting

Benefits of Sostenuto CSM

Sunrise has worked very closely with Customer Service departments to understand your requirements.

  • Sostenuto CSM lets you manage customer queries proactively and consistently, offering you a real alternative to IT help desk software
  • Our powerful reporting tools will also allow you to track your performance and provide the management team with the information they need
  • The powerful business rules tool will also allow the creation of event or status driven rules that can drive workflow for automation, validation and process compliance 
  • Sostenuto CSM’s REST API will allow you to integrate with external applications such as Twitter, Outlook and – giving your Help Desk more flexibility when logging and responding to customer queries 
  • With a variety of enhancements available to you, your Help Desk can be accessible anytime, anywhere improving customer experience and the productivity of your Customer Service Desk 
  • Unlike many other software products, your settings and configurations will be retained when you upgrade


Take your customer service to a new level, with a software platform that will make your team more effective and result in greater customer satisfaction. Say YES to Sostenuto CSM...but say NO to IT jargon and complex frameworks!

For more information why not download our Sostenuto CSM datasheet or contact a member of the sales team by completing our contact form or call us on 020 8391 9000

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