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Sostenuto Business Process Management Software (BPM)

Every organisation has functions where processes are managed using point applications, spreadsheets and email, leaving information to be duplicated, or worse, fall into a black hole. Wouldn't it be better for your business if these areas were managed on a highly accessible single platform.

Our browser-based Service Management platform, Sostenuto, can be shaped to fit your requirements, whether you are looking to create more watertight processes for project management, HR, customer complaints or any other purpose.

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What do you get with Sostenuto BPM?

Because Sostenuto BPM is a ‘blank canvas’ for you to configure to suit the needs and requirements of your organisation, the list of what you can get with Sostenuto BPM could go on for pages, and so we have just listed a few of the key features you will get when selecting Sostenuto BPM:

  • A fully configurable platform to build the system you need for your organisation and/or department
  • Account information on demand
  • Automated business rules
  • Automated notifications
  • Flexibility to suit your business requirements
  • Comprehensive, easy reporting
  • Ability to integrate with external applications such as Twitter, Outlook and Facebook



Benefits of Sostenuto BPM

  • Complete flexibility to configure the software to suit the requirements of your organisation, ensuring that the needs of the department are met 
  • Our powerful reporting tools will also allow you to track your performance and provide the management team with the information they need
  • Sostenuto BPM’s REST API will allow your system to integrate with external applications such as Twitter, Outlook and SalesForce.com – giving your department more flexibility when logging and responding to customer queries 
  • With a variety of enhancements available to you, your Sostenuto system can be accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Unlike many other software products, your settings and configurations will be retained when you upgrade
  • Increased efficiencies and tighter control

For more information why not download our Sostenuto BPM datasheet or contact a member of the sales team by completing our contact form or call us on 020 8391 9000

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